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About Us

At Hope’s Dog Fencing, we treat your pets like family! Experience the difference of working with someone who is truly passionate about dogs.



Hope’s Dog Fencing has a huge extended family of dogs (and cats) that have been running and playing safely within their boundaries for years. Hope Bault is a life-long pet lover and her true passion is making the world a better place for our animal companions. She has spent years studying how dogs ‘tick’ and perfecting her dog-training skills. Anika, her rescued Aussie/Cattle Dog mix is by her side most everywhere she goes.

Hope spent 15 years in the utility business and has extensive experience with all aspects of underground and home installation. Many of those years were spent locating and repairing underground utilities, so if you’ve got a broken wire, she’ll find it and repair it quickly. Our equipment is also compatible with most professional systems.


Why Us

When it comes to the health and happiness of your pet, it’s important to work with people that you know you can trust. We love pets and we’re committed to their health and happiness. We provide superior pet fencing products, designed with your pet’s comfort and security in mind, and gentle low-stress training that will keep them safely contained without the use of painful shocks. We have many years of experience in this field, so you can rest assured that your pet is in the best of hands with us.

“I am so grateful to Hope for her help with our dog. I thought our beagle was a lost cause and would always stray from home, but thanks to Hope’s patience, knowledge of her product, and love for dogs, my Molly says safely at home. Hope is thoroughly professional and thoroughly passionate in creating safe environments for dogs – a great combination!” Barbara Broderson, Versailles KY

Keeping your Dog Safe

Hope’s years of experience providing basic obedience for her furry friends made it easy to see that not only is Pet Stop the most advanced system out there, but it is the one truly pet-friendly choice. Our system can be customized to each dog’s individual personality – this ensures that the correction levels will gently teach your pet to stay safely at home. Hope uses that advantage to contain the timid without trauma and the bold with spirit intact.

Best Fence
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Pet Stop® is also the ONLY electronic dog fencing company that is Made in the USA from imported components. This ensures that you’re getting a quality product that’s made with top-quality durable materials, built to last, and built to reliably keep your pet safely and humanely contained. When the safety of your pet is at stake, why settle for anything less?

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