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Chandra Jones
Chandra Jones
01:02 21 Dec 19
Highly recommend Hope’s Dog Fencing for invisible fencing. She worked with us to train our new dog to recognize the fence boundaries and helped us with maintenance issues. She really cared about our dog and has provided excellent customer service!read more
Brenda Curtz
Brenda Curtz
23:01 09 Dec 19
Hope has been wonderful to us. We had a constantly escaping puppy despite the invisible Fence brand system and found that they became even more invisible when we had any problems. Hope came to our rescue and fixed the issues. We couldn’t recommend her more highly!read more
Dana Holland
Dana Holland
23:05 28 Oct 19
Security was paramount for my two collies. Living in the country, I wanted my dogs to have freedom to roam and play but I need to be able to see them and know they are safe. The road on our frontage is very busy and another concern were the areas with the horses. Hope came over and within minutes saw the perfect configuration that was needed to fit these needs. I cannot put into words the amount of hard work, professionalism and kindness that she put into the application of the underground fence and the training of our sweet pups. If I ever have a question or concern, she is only a call or text away. I highly recommend Hope's Dog Fencing to anyone in the market for a reliable, hometown, friendly service!read more
Allison Ferree Cox
Allison Ferree Cox
20:24 06 Sep 19
Hope is the most genuine pet caregivers I have dealt with in a long time. We have been customers for 4+ years. She is extremely easy to contact and always responds quickly. She cares so much about our pets and what is best for them individually-she has taken the time to get to know everyone and what their learning styles and comfort levels are. We consider Hope and Anika one of our gang and appreciate her service and dedication to our pets very much! Highly recommend!read more
Kate White
Kate White
21:00 05 Sep 19
Happy dog=happy owners! Hope installed an invisible fence around our property a year ago, and we have been delighted with it! She took the time to get to know our needs and our dog’s personality and was very thorough with training all of us! 🙂 Her passion for the families and pets she services is evident. We had a malfunction due to careless landscapers, and she was quick to come out and fix it. Our dog is so acclimated to the fence by now that she never knew the difference! I highly recommend Hope’s Dog Fencing for the product and customer service!read more
Bill Patrick
Bill Patrick
17:02 31 Aug 19
One of my dogs, Aggie, was consistently crossing the invisible fence back and forth, and I was unable to determine the cause. Hope had previously repaired the invisible fence (a wire was broken after a storm), and I trusted her advice. Upon speaking with Hope via telephone, she diagnosed the issue as the collar being too loose, and that Aggie had figured out how to hold her head and neck to avoid the shock. I simply tightened the strap, and the problem was solved. Hope did volunteer to come and do some training with Aggie, but that was not necessary. Thank you again, Hope.read more
Kim Shelton
Kim Shelton
21:36 24 Aug 19
Deciding to put the fence in our yard was the best decision we made regarding our dogs. Hope did a great job installing. Then she took the time to train with us and our dogs. Hope has followed up and checked on their progress. We now have peace of mind when the dogs go out to potty or play! Thank you!read more
Pattie Hood
Pattie Hood
18:36 20 Aug 19
Landscapers dug up a portion of wire for the fencing. Stressed, I called Hope and was immediately reassured she could take care of the problem. She was prompt and explained everything and rectified the problem quickly. If I could give a rating above 5 stars I would. Absolutely recommend!!!read more
Gloria Quilt Patterns
Gloria Quilt Patterns
21:48 12 Aug 19
I’ve been using Hope for past 6 years plus. She provides the utmost care to all facets of her business. Hope is easy to work with and is fair with her pricing. I can’t image being without her underground fence. She answers questions readily. I can’t say enough good things about Hope and her business. Gloria Nicolosi Lawrenceburgread more
Susan Erskine
Susan Erskine
16:27 10 Aug 19
Awesome. Awesome. Awesome! We moved to the area recently. Our yard already had an invisible fence. We have three dogs, one that is deaf. We were skeptical at first if our dogs would successfully train to an invisible fence. Our biggest concern was our deaf dog. We contacted other companies to activate the fence who said the dogs would be fully trained in a few hours. Still not convinced, a co-worker recommended Hope's Dog Fencing. Hope came out and explained her method of training the dogs to the fence. Hope's approach is a slower more gradual method. It is much more humane for the dogs . Hope considered each dog's individual personalities when training. She truly cares about the dogs and is knowledgeable about dog behavior. She was always available for questions and believe me I had plenty. She checked in on the dogs' progress as we went along. The dogs did so well that we had Hope come back and lay more wire to include the front yard, too. Hope is very professional and most importantly her methods are gentle for the dogs. Our deaf dog, Lyda, was especially sensitive to the collar but was able to train easily due to Hope's gentle training. Now Lyda has the freedom to run the yard with no leash for the first time in her life! It is obvious that Hope is truly a dog lover! Oh, did I mention that she is awesome!read more
Christian D
Christian D
00:09 17 May 19
People! I cannot tell you how wonderful Hope and the Pet Stop fence are. We rescued a 3 yr old Husky/Poodle mix last summer and looked into putting a privacy fence around our yard so Gabi could run and play. They are SO expensive. I was referred to Hope and the rest is history. I want to tell you WHY Hope is the best. She cares about you and your dog. Gabi is a “bully” and doesn’t really play well with other dogs. (Really – she has no manners and will try to assert dominance on any dog she comes in contact with). She gave me a lot of tips and tricks to help me train Gabi. She gave me very specific instructions on how to train Gabi to the fence without hurting her. Now – I may have taken it a little slower than I needed to, but her method really does work. Hope would call and check on us every few weeks to see where we were. After Gabi was trained to the fence – Hope came back out to make sure Gabi was ready to roam free in the yard. I can’t tell you how great Hope and Hope’s Dog Fencing is! If you are looking for a vendor for invisible dog fencing – Look no further! She is the BEST!read more
Travis Roberts
Travis Roberts
14:42 16 May 19
Hopes Dogs Fencing allows our family to enjoy our two Schnauzers outside while we work/play in the entire 1 acre lot. Yesterday Hope came out to fit the puppy and train. Last night when I worked with the puppy the kids said... dang that lady is good! We get many compliments on how our adult dog patiently waits by the driveway when we step out into neighbors yards. Hope is amazing with all dogs and had both dogs reacting to a safe low level beep within minutes of training. Our favorite part is when we take walks the the adult dog will walk down the driveway sit/wait to be carried through the imaginary gate to pass the barrier. He actually waits for the collar to be removed and will not move until we pick him up and sit him two feet over the invisible gate. Other methods for large dogs are to place a outdoor rug down when your opening the invisible gate. A very amazing service we will continue to refer her to others!read more
Michelle Goddard
Michelle Goddard
13:09 18 Apr 19
I was a new customer after the “big name in the business” let me down. Hope came out the same day, and made the necessary repairs. I was able to purchase a couple of compatible new nylon collars from her as well. I appreciated how thoroughly she communicated...I told her of my issue and she was able to work the schedule for quick service. She called prior to coming and sent a message of thanks after leaving. One difference in her is the passion she has for keeping your dogs safe, this is not just an job. My dogs are safe and we have a new fence company. Thanks Hope!read more
Shari Thompson
Shari Thompson
16:41 12 Mar 19
I would recommend Hope’s Dog Fencing to everyone that loves their dog and wants to keep them safe. Hope is amazing to work with, a professional and she works tirelessly to make sure everything is perfect. Above all else, Hope is a true animal lover and that meant so much to me, she is genuinely concerned about the well being of your dog. There is no other invisible fence company to even consider. Hope is simply the best.read more
Lucas Bowen
Lucas Bowen
21:17 13 Feb 19
Hope did a wonderful job with our fence installation and training. She was very thorough and spent the time to answer all of my questions. We are very pleased with Hope’s dog fencing and would highly recommend them.read more
01:58 03 Jan 19
Switched over to Hopes Dog Fencing after a terrible time with Invisible Fence, and it is a night/day difference with our four huskies. I was at the point of thinking that they’d never be able to stay in our yard and I’d have to always leash walk them, but Hope provided quality products that work, helped with training and continued to touch base to make sure everything was still running smoothly. Highly recommend!read more
Next Reviews

“I cannot thank Hope enough for installing our safe and reliable Pet Stop fence! Thanks to her expertise and proven gentle training methods, Abe and Edie can’t wait to get outside…leash free!!! Throughout the training process, my dogs were never fearful of being in their yard, in fact they enjoyed it and learned their boundaries very quickly!! Hope showed us how to use the Gentle Steps training approach to reduce anxiety and fear as we worked toward our goal. I am a believer in Hope’s methods and am so impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. Thanks Hope!!!…

Just want to say, once again…as I watch my babies snoozing away…installing that fence was the best money I ever spent!! Abe and Edie run and romp and love their yard. Today I watched them literally running in circles chasing each other! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!”

– Mary Ellen Rooney Barsotti, Danville

“Thank you Hope for taking over and upgrading our Invisible Fence brand system to a Pet Stop system. It’s a burden off our shoulders to know that we now have a reliable fence and are in good hands. The week of training you spent w/ Lilly and I was very valuable and she is doing fantastic!!! I was so relieved to see that your Gentle Steps program enabled her to enjoy being trained to the yard. Our other dog never got over the trauma from the Invisible Fence. Lilly loves to be outside. Thanks again, it was much appreciated.”

– Lori Penn Hagen, Lexington

“I had pondered long and hard about what system to purchase and whether I should try to install it myself or have someone else do it. After meeting with Hope I was sold! She is very knowledgeable, straightforward, and even saved me $ while giving my dog more area to roam. The Pet Stop products are made in the U.S.A and she is as honest as they come. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up for Hopes Dog Fencing.”

– Brian Hufnagel, Georgetown

“I am so grateful to Hope for her help with our dog. I thought our beagle was a lost cause and would always stray from home, but thanks to Hope’s patience, knowledge of her product, and love for dogs, my Molly says safely at home. Hope is thoroughly professional and thoroughly passionate in creating safe environments for dogs – a great combination!”

– Barbara Broderson, Versailles Kentucky

“Hi Hope! Just wanted to give you a shout out and say thanks so much for our fence install! It’s changed our lives. Now we can let Maddie and Scooter out without worrying about what they are doing and if they’ll (Scooter) run off once again! Love my Pet Stop Fence! I thought it was going to be so hard to train them, but it wasn’t. Thanks to your patience and great intuition, they caught on really quickly. Now we can’t entice them over that boundary for anything!! I’ll be sure to tell everybody!!”

– Jackie Riley, Richmond

“Wow…totally satisfied with your service! You went WAY beyond the call of duty to get us up and running again. Such a great work ethic…your honesty and determination saw us through a “pickle” and we’ll forever be indebited. Thanks sooo very much for coming out today in this nasty weather and being so committed to the service you strive for. Not many, if any, service-oriented companies that can even compare! Highly recommended for certain!!”

– Leslie Cheatham, Lawrenceburg Kentucky

Thanks so much for your quick response to Jake’s collar. I really appreciate how you really sincerely care for our dogs and are not just trying to sell………..

Your service at Hopes dog fencing has always been excellent. The Pet Stop Fencing System is so much improved compared to what we had for 10+ years with Invisible Fence®.

At Invisible Fence® I had the feeling that they thought they were the only game in town and I am so glad to have found out about the Pet Stop system and Hopes Dog Fencing. I have recommended you every chance I get.


– Mike Smith, Georgetown Kentucky

“I have had the most wonderful experience dealing with a truly professional. My companion and love, “Lovey” needed boundaries because of a very busy street and the friendliness of my pooch(only 7 lbs.) with strangers. Hope installed an under ground fence in my yard. She made it easy for Lovey and I to understand. She worked with Lovey on several occasions until she and I were satisfied that she understood the boundaries. A happy underground fence owner!”

-Pat Douglas Layton, Frankfort

“Hope is AWESOME!! Excellent customer service. Wonderful with dogs. I can’t think of enough good things to say about her. Best system on the market> I’ve had others, none can compare. Spectacular!!”

-Phyllis Reynolds Spurlin, Danville Kentucky

“Two happy pups in Madison Co.! And two happy people too. Hope did a fabulous job here on some seriously rough terrain to create a large containment area for Birdie and Bo. They are taking to it well, and we will be so much happier when they are not able to disappear for hours at a time. Hope went waaayyy above and beyond for us. In addition to the fence, we had her help us with training Bo who was afraid of everything when we first adopted him. Now he is almost a normal dog.”

– Mary Ann Hatton, Richmond Kentucky

“How do you spell disaster? Three Jack Russells and a cut Invisible Fence wire in the yard! In less than 24 hrs, Hope saves the day. This occurred mid afternoon Tuesday and Invisible Fence returned my SOS Wednesday morning with the message that they’d be out MONDAY! Really???!!! Hope made the “kids” happy and their Mom, too! It’ll be Hope and Pet Stop for me from now on! Two thumbs up!”

– Lee Black, Lexington

Hope is awesome… She is known as the Dog Whisperer around our house. She has gotten our dogs to do things many others could not. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

– Tiphanie Taylor, Frankfort

“Excellent service with quality products. We especially liked the personal attention and training. Great Company!!”

– LaDonna Skidmore Crawford, Georgetown Kentucky

“Thank you Hope for bringing our Miss Abby and her parents so much more enjoyment because of Hope’s Dog Fencing. Her life is so much better since she can run and play without threat of getting hit by a vehicle. We have such peace of mind because of this wonderful, underground fence. Thanks for training us on how to train our little girl – you are wonderful.”
– Bill and Sandy Moore, Frankfort Kentucky

“Great Service! Came to our needs immediately when our underground fencing was broken by work in our yard. Love underground fencing for our dogs, keeps them safe and happy! Highly suggest Hope’s dog fencing for your pets!”

-Karen Hageman, Lawrenceburg Kentucky

“Thank you Hope for taking over and upgrading our Invisible Fence brand system to a Pet Stop system. It’s a burden off our shoulders to know that we now have a reliable fence and are in good hands. The week of training you spent w/ Lilly and I was very valuable and she is doing fantastic!!! I was so relieved to see that your Gentle Steps program enabled her to enjoy being trained to the yard. Our other dog never got over the trauma from the Invisible Fence. Lilly loves to be outside. Thanks again, it was much appreciated.”

– Lori Penn Hagen, Lexington

“This has been a great experience and Hope has exceeded my expectations ! Hope is so knowledgable , caring, patient , and reliable. The fence is the best investment that I have made in a very long time. WORTH EVERY PENNY! My dogs love the freedom to run. ”

-Annette Taylor Blank, Danville Kentucky

“Molly Neal highly recommends Hope’s Dog Fencing!!!”

-Drexel Neal, Georgetown Kentucky

“If you are looking for the best dog fence around, then you found it!! Hope is wonderful. It is hard to find people these days that do what they say and say what they do and that are honest! This is Hope. She is not only a great person but has become a wonderful friend! Give her a call you won’t be sorry!!”

– Melissa Wells Hanks, Lawrenceburg

“I highly recommend Hope’s Dog Fencing. We love our fence, and feel much better knowing Harley is safe in our yard. Hope did a great job with the installation and training. Thanks Hope for all that you have done!!”

– Mike Hill, Versailles Kentucky

“I highly recommend Pet Stop containment systems and Hope’s Dog Fencing. The pet training she provides after the install is professional and thorough.”

“Hope saved us! We purchased and had a fence installed by Derby’s fence co. But the fence failed us— our German Shepherd got out of the fence, the fence signal was weak or absent in spots and the collar didn’t work properly. We were at wit’s end and then Hope came to the rescue! She installed her system, trained our big guy, and we haven’t had a problem since. Her system was superior on every aspect— receiver, wiring, training are fabulous. The difference in price was worth it.

We are glad we found Hope. Don’t waste your time with anyone else—Hope’s fencing beats the competition. If you are thinking of going with the lower priced competition you should think again! You could find yourself in the same mess as ourselves. Hope is the best!”

– Jessica Terhune, Shelbyville Kentucky

“We love our new fence or I should say Smudge and Dragon love their freedom. Thank you Hope for all your help and on going support. ”

– Virginia Neitzel, Georgetown Kentucky

“Do not even think about hiring anyone but HOPE to install your invisible fence! She is the most knowledgable installer in the business. We spoke with other dealers & people who have the fencing, and in my opinion, you CANNOT find anyone better than HOPE. She will explain everything you need to know in detail. The BEST part of buying from HOPE is she is a great human being and truly loves dogs and what she does. She will walk you through every step of the training process and come to your house twice after the fence installation to help & guide you. Her help & guidance is PRICELESS when training. I was very skeptical of the underground fencing, but we had no choice but to get one. We started my puppies out at about 12 weeks old, and they are now fully trained. My sweet puppies are now trained, safe, & I am truly 100% satisfied with this product, & especially with HOPE. You cannot go wrong choosing HOPE. She is the BEST!”

-Kristy Garrett Nail, Georgetown Kentucky

“We think you should change your business name to Hope’s Dog and CAT Fencing. I can’t tell you how much our former shelter cats Audie and Max are enjoying this warm weather while they have some safe adventures outdoors. They were easy to train, they don’t mind the collars, and they LOVE being able to go out some, but come in and nap by the fire when they’re tired from yard patrol. They’re happy so the rest of us can be happy, too. Before she could go out Audie was getting to be a terror. The fence brought us instant peace. Can’t beat it! ” – Ginny Wilson & Bronwyn Miller, Frankfort & Versailles Kentucky

“Hope is awesome! She is so good at what she does and she has a way with dogs. I was an apprehensive owner and she helped calm me down and successfully trained my 2 dogs to our yard. Call her…you won’t be sorry!”

– Karoline Munson, Frankfort Kentucky

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