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Hope’s Dog Fencing loves pets just as much as you do, and we want your pets to have the very best in hidden, electronic pet fencing products. As proud providers of Pet Stop® brand fencing products, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Our products are built better, last longer, and are the most technologically advanced pet fencing products available on the market!

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Why Choose Pet Stop brand?

Our Pet Stop® products are 100% Made in the USA and loaded with features not offered by any other brand. All of our electric pet fence products are carefully designed, manufactured, and tested right here in the USA. In fact, Pet Stop is the ONLY underground fencing company that doesn’t outsource. The health and happiness of your pet is our #1 priority and keeping the product production here, under the watchful eye of industry experts (including former Invisible Fence® employees and the Invisible Fence® founder, John Purtell), is just one of the many ways Pet Stop® brings you and your pet superior quality and service.


Our competitors offer some sort of warranty to cover manufacturing defects, but only Pet Stop offers UltraCare! This exclusive warranty goes above industry standards by offering not only a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, but also protection against accidental damage.


Only Pet Stop provides the most gentle and humane dog fence training program. GentleSteps ensures that your pet learns their new boundary without any discomfort.

The Products

EcoLite System

PCC-200 System

Indoor System

EcoLite’s environmentally friendly built-in rechargeable power pack lasts up to 25 years. Now you’ll never have to worry about running out of costly batteries. It’s incredibly small and lightweight, weighing just under an ounce. EcoLite’s small size makes it the ideal choice for small dogs. But, just because they’re small doesn’t mean we crimped on features. Each receiver has a full range of programmability, including GentleSteps™, Pet Stop’s exclusive training approach that reduces stress and makes training easy and effective.

Pet Stop® Pet Fence Systems Receivers

UltraTuff Receiver

UltraMax Receiver

Many people think of electronic dog fence systems as strictly an outdoor affair. But we have a solution when your pet is indoors as well. Using our same highly customizable system, you can specify those places in your home that are free-range and those that need to be pet-free. Pet Stop offers both a wired and battery operated versions.


PowerWizard™ Outage Protection

Replacement Batteries

When the power goes out, your Pet Stop system stays on. That’s because the PowerWizard® incorporates circuity that couples to a battery to supply power to the transmitter for hours up to days, depending on the battery your Dealer selects. Simply a great way to ensure that your system stays operational regardless of the environmental conditions.

Invisible Fence Compatible

If you’re an Invisible Fence brand containment system owner and you feel trapped with the high cost of maintenance and replacement parts, think again! Save up to 50% on replacement receivers, transmitters, batteries and more with Pet Stop®. Replacement fencing parts from Pet Stop offer OEM quality components at a fraction of the original cost. Why pay more?



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